Package Pricing

Individual sessions for individuals, business leaders, neurodiverse, entrepreneurs.

$1,999     Six Weeks​

$6,000     Six Months

$10,500   One Year

All packages include:

  • 90 minute introductory session - via phone, video or in person. This session allows me to learn about you and what you want to accomplish. You will learn about me, my process and how I can help you.

  • Weekly 60-minute in-person, phone or zoom call to provide guidance, direction and tasks to keep you on track and moving forward.

  • 90-minute final meeting - via phone, video or in person. The final session takes place at the end of our time together and allows us to debrief on our work with the goal of either set you off on your own or determine if you desire further coaching.

  • Unlimited calls and emails during business hours. 

  • Emergency after hours access at Stacia's discretion.

Neurodiversity Group Packages

ADHD Virtual Salon - Three to Five Members​

$1,000     Six Weeks

The ADHD Virtual Salon includes six, 90-minute group sessions. At our first meeting we learn about one another and determine what areas of focus we will work on during our six weeks together. Once we have a road map, expect to come to each virtual meeting prepared to discuss and learn how to work through issues and challenges. Additionally, expect to do tasks that are aimed to help you grow, as well as expand your mental flexibility. As ADHDers, we need structure, accountability and a place to connect without our masks. We also need the flexibility to work on tasks in our own way. The goal of the group is to walk away with usable tools and increased mental flexibility, as well as a new support system for accountability and co-mentorship, and maybe even some new friends.

Neurodiverse Entrepreneurial Salon - Three to Five Members

Six Weeks - Exclusive through Planet Neurodivergent Marketplace


The Entrepreneurial Salon offers members the same type of structure as the Virtual Salon but focuses on all issues entrepreneurial. Expect to get motivated by your peers while you engage in highly creative problem-solving. There is homework and every member is held accountable for their contributions and work. In this six week session, you'll change how you approach you business and you won't lose interest. We'll do more than we expect and more than neuro-typically possible. This service is provided by signup through

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