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I started working with Stacia when I was looking to up-level my business. As an empowerment coach and speaker, I was visible on social media platforms, but I wasn’t getting any traction.


Stacia helped me get clear on my messaging so I could better attract and connect with my ideal client, and created a bold new website that is engaging and captures my true personality. She’s passionate, creative, bold, responsive, and fun to work with.


She gets to the heart of who you are so you can boldly showcase your services and creatively connect with your people. If you are looking to grow your business and make a greater impact in the world, I highly recommend you work with Stacia. 


~Susan E.

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Mindset Strategist

Stacia Momburg is a 20-year marketing and communications professional who has helped organizations with reputation management, strategic and crisis planning.

Following a devastating career blow ,and facing the reality of a soon to be empty nest, Stacia took three years to explore, define and redefine everything she understood about herself. Through the process, she tapped more deeply into her values, identified a new purpose and began living a life of contentment and success as she defines it.


"I invite and empower people to completely change their mindset and experience what it’s like to wholly accept themselves and embrace their truth."


Stacia prides herself in her ability to help clients shake their self limiting ideas and beliefs and redefine their lives.



Stacia M Coaching currently offers three services cater to individual needs and goals. Group coaching is available.


If you're asking yourself what being you looks like - as a person, a friend, a partner, a business leader or entrepreneur,  I invite you to contact me to talk about how, together, we can connect you to your values, define you truths, and wholly accept who you are and live your purpose.

All services available via phone, in-person or online

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Commit to Wholly Accepting Yourself

Engage in meaningful work in which we identify and challenge your core beliefs, values and self worth. Through honest and mindful self reflection we will unlock barriers of self-doubt and negative thoughts by using tools to create mental and emotional flexibility. This work will teach you to walk toward the life you want shamelessly, with dignity and grace.

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Live A Values-Oriented Life

I invite you to take a hard and honest look at life as you know it and life as you want it. Weather it's your personal life or your career, we will break open what is important to you, unload what isn't and mindfully reset to create manageable pathways that move you to deeply meaningful success.

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Learn to Embrace Your Neurodiverse Brain

I lived with my ADHD brain for 49  years without a diagnosis. I have recognized many life successes and a lot of failures. I learned to navigate my differences and have a successful, joy-filled life using acceptance and commitment therapy.


As an advocate for living with neurodiversity without shame or regret, I help other neurodiverse people realize their strengths, mitigate their weaknesses and embrace who they truly are.

Clients will embark on a journey of self-acceptance through mindful reflection, identification of their superpowers (because we have brains that neurotypical people sometimes envy), and values-oriented living.


San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday:By Appointment

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